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E-Bike Leasing

E-Bike leasing

We offer a specialist Ebike procurement service for large organisations wishing to purchase ebikes in bulk. We work with many companies and organisations to source the very best Ebike Technology, and take the hassle out of after sales service and maintenance.


Why Ebikes

Beyond the obvious optics of improving green credentials and reducing carbon footprint, the economics of using Ebikes stack up. Ebikes are a fraction of the cost of a new car, occupy significantly less space and have virtually zero running cost (outside of annual maintenance). Many companies are moving towards alternative mobility options particularly with the EU focusing on a driving down carbon emissions. Ebikes are a great alternative, for mobility and with no tax and insurance they are a very valuable resource to any company seeking to reduce Costs and their carbon footprint.


Benefits for the workforce

Ebikes are a great form of exercise that take the sweat out of effort. Most good ebikes now provide a range of between 100 and 140 Km without the need to recharge. They have a variety of modes designed to tailor for all fitness levels including Eco, touring, sport and and Sport-plus. Ebikes provide an alternative carbon neutral means of transport whilst also encouraging the workforce to stay fit and and active at work. The great thing about Ebikes are that they are used by young and old alike and the usual benefits of cycling apply.


Lease plans

We have a variety of leasing plans for Ebikes available. Benefits of leasing over buying include:


1) Specialist bike procurement

We will carefully look at your requirements and budget. We don’t try and over-sell. With over 40 years of experience in the Cycling industry, we will only procure quality Ebikes that have been tried and tested and where we can provide backup support. We don’t sell bikes that we don’t support.


2)Back-up and maintenance

The most common problems with Ebikes, range from Battery degradation (reduction in power over time) and faulty wiring. We provide full backup support for any issues and maintain a relationship directly with the factory in terms of spare parts and warranty. This is crucial in ensuring that any issues or problems are quickly resolved.


3) Greatly reduced capital outlay

Ebikes can be expensive, whilst running costs are virtually zero the capital outlay can be significant. Our leasing plans greatly reduce and minimise the capital outlay, whilst providing the organisation with the maximum number of bikes within their budget.


4) Duration of lease is limited to 36 months

The lease duration takes into account battery degradation and disposal value. Battery degradation can affect the performance of the bike. If left unchecked, it can also dramatically affect the value of the bike. Battery’s are an expensive peace of kit and can cost in excess of €600. The costs can stack up if you don’t have the correct maintenance agreement and warranty in place. Lease durations are designed to take into account warranty and battery performance considerations.

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