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Road bikes come in a combination of formats with an increasing move from aluminum frame composites to carbon. What is critical in choosing the right bike is firstly assessing what you intend to use the bike for. Will it be for leisurely Sunday bike rides, Fitness or performance  and road racing? Read More

Expensive bike syndrome

A lot of people get sucked into expensive bike syndrome when the reality is that the cyclist is likely to gain more from their own personal effort than the technical specification of the bike. It is for this reason that we ask people to stand back and examine how committed they are in pursuit of their cycling ambitions.

Matching frame with functional use

Frames come in a variety of composites some differ greatly in weight,  aerodynamics, rigidity, and comfort. The more rigid a frame, the more efficient it is in transferring power from the cyclist to the road. That said, there may be a sacrifice to be paid in terms of bike comfort. You can get the best of both worlds in terms of power, performance, and comfort- they just cost that bit more! If you dot the I’s and cross the T’s you will get good value and a bike that matches your specific needs. Keep an eye out for our end of season bike sales.

Bike performance, Bike Aerodynamic, and Bike weight

As with all sports, you get what you put in. That said, if you are a cyclist honed in on cycling performance and aerodynamics cutting time and bike weight is an essential part of competing effectively. The cyclist striving for continued personal performance improvement will no doubt receive significant benefit from upgrading and improving his/her road bike to the latest technical weight and aerodynamic features.

Brands: Giant, Romet, Kelly’s, Basso, Leader, Sava

We offer a range of Road modals: Avail, Contend, Defy, Enviliv, Langma, Propel, TCR, TCX, Trinity,

Romet: Romet Hurgan, Boreas

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