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Benefits of Cycle To Work Scheme

Benefits of Cycle To Work Scheme

With ever-increasing pollution and deterioration of the environment, it’s the need of the hour to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. One such paradigm shift is in implementing the cycle to work scheme. The cycle to work scheme has numerous benefits for the environment, employees, and employers. Let’s get acquainted with how these schemes work and their benefits for employees living in Ireland.

What is a Cycle-To-Work Scheme For An Employee?

An employer or government usually establishes a cycle to work scheme to encourage employees to ride to work. For an employee, this scheme could potentially help improve health and bring financial incentives or even tax incentives. For example, the ride to work scheme Ireland involves employers paying the costs for the cycle and the gear initially and taking regular repayments over time for recovery.

Why Cycle To Work? Giving Benefits

A cycle to work scheme helps employees uplift their mental and physical fitness. Furthermore, it reduces the pollution that would have been caused if the employees used their mode of commute. But wait — there’s more. Promoting cycle to work schemes means less traffic on the road, thus improving traffic congestion. It could also mitigate the need for office parking areas, as cycles require less space than cars.

What Parts Of Expense Does it Cover?

A ride to work program could cover the expenses such as the cycle itself, the accessories, safety gear, and other equipment needed for the safety and comfort of the rider. This could include bells, horns, carriers, mirrors, and more. However, it’s always better to talk to the company directly to understand the covered expenses.

How To Apply For The Scheme?

As an employee, the process of availing of the benefits of a bike to work scheme would vary from employer to employer. The methods and facilities available could broadly vary based on the law of the land and the company’s policies. In Ireland, companies offer bike to work schemes wherein, after approval from the employer, the employer bears the upfront costs and recovers them over months.

How Does Cycle To Work Scheme Work?

To avail yourself of a ride to work scheme benefit, you first have to talk to your employer. Generally, in such bike to work schemes, employees would be allowed to purchase bikes and the appropriate equipment, which would be paid for by the company. After that, the repayments are cut from the employee’s salaries for the repayments. Under the ride to work scheme Ireland, the savings made on the bike purchase would differ based on your income before taxation.

How Is The Government Supporting?

Governments across the globe are taking initiatives to curtail pollution and facilitate better means of transport, such as cycling. In the ride to work scheme Ireland, savings of up to 51% can be made while buying a new cycle. Government-backed bike to work schemes create awareness and ensure that companies take proper steps to create an environment conducive to such schemes.

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