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Best Shop For Electric Bikes in Ireland
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Best Shop For Electric Bikes in Ireland

It’s hard to ignore the ever-growing popularity and craze for E-Bikes. You, too, might be interested in getting one for yourself. Electric bikes or E-Bikes are an eco-friendly way of commuting while staying healthy and burning calories. Be it a leisure time activity, traveling in the neighborhood, doing exercise, or enjoying the wind blowing through your hair, E-Bikes are the perfect choice for all.

Cycle Centre is known for being the best shop for electric bikes in Ireland. We provide the greatest price on a variety of bike collections. Now, if you’re considering purchasing an e-bike and need advice before investing. This article will guide you about the right choices for your first e-bike. First, let’s understand how an e-bike works?

How Does an E-Bike Work?

The workings of an E-Bike are pretty straightforward. They come with a rechargeable battery attached to them. In most cases, when you start riding the E-Bike, a battery-powered motor gives you a push/boost making it easier for you to move forward. It is an especially great choice for effortlessly riding uphill.

Some E-Bikes may work using a throttle that provides even more assistance with motors that run through a throttle. They are especially great for beginners and the elderly, who want more than usual assistance from their bikes. 

Most E-Bikes have a battery that lasts dozens of miles. That’s more than enough for the daily use of most people. You can quickly recharge your bikes in your home.

What To Look For In An Electric Bike?

Now that you know how an E-Bike works, you must know the ins and outs of the things that you must look for in an electric bike. There are many different parameters to look for while buying an electric bike. These parameters would primarily affect your bike riding experience. 


  • Warranty: Unlike conventional bikes, E-Bikes come with a motor and a battery. That’s why an extended warranty period is always a good thing to have


  • Motor Power:You don’t want to have a bike with too much or too little power for your needs.


  • Charging Stations:If you plan to travel a lot, having a bike with a lot of compatible charging stations around can be a life saver.


  • Maintenance Cost:A more efficient and well-built bike can save a lot of maintenance costs.


  • Insurance: Since it’s an electric vehicle and is more expensive than a conventional bike, you could look into getting insurance for it, for which you could opt for insurance.


What Are The Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bicycle?

There are plenty of benefits to buying and riding E-Bikes. Chances are that you might already know many of those benefits. We shall outline a couple of main benefits for everyone.

  • Speed: This force you apply to move the bike forward gets amplified mainly due to the boost provided by the electric motor


  • Carbon Emissions: Electric bikes allow you to travel a lot of distance with almost no effort and are environmentally friendly. As a result, you are likely to choose them over a vehicle for shorter commutes, thus reducing emissions.


  • Flexibility: This one is obvious. When you want to burn calories or exercise, you can ride the bike by yourself, but when you wish to travel effortlessly or move quickly, you can summon the electric motor’s power to assist you.

What Are The Main Points To Consider In Buying An E-Bike?

Now that you are ready to join the E-Bike revolution, there are things you must consider before buying your E-Bike. Before purchasing an electric bike, you must consider size, style, range, and price. Let’s discuss all of them one by one.


  • Utility: The primary use case for which you want an electric bike. This includes urban bikes, travel bikes, off-road bikes, and more.


  • Size/Style: The most comfortable height and design for you. It includes trapeze-shaped bikes, diamond-shaped bikes, etc.


  • Battery: Based on weight, luggage, and terrain, and your usual commute distance, the battery needs could broadly vary, generally between 400Wh and 700Wh.

Of course, these are the essential things to consider, but there can be other things to look for in your ideal E-Bike. For example, if you plan to store your E-Bike in a tight place, you might look for options where your bike can be easily folded. In other cases, you might need a bike with lights for riding at night, or one with extra luggage capacity, so choose wisely.


Which is The Best Electric Bike in 2022? 

Well, as we discussed, there are many things to consider before buying an electric bike. There’s no one size fits for electric bikes. You must choose the bike that fulfills all your needs and has the most suitable combination of the things mentioned above to consider. We being one of the best shops for electric bikes in Ireland can help you with your next purchase.

However, we can help if you are looking for the best electric bikes in Dublin. We at Cycle Centre offer a wide range of bikes for all intents and purposes to find the most suitable bike for yourself. From giant bikes for sale to cheap electric bikes in Ireland, we have everything for you. 

Wrapping it Up

Now that you know the benefits of E-Bikes, it’s only natural for you to be interested in getting an E-Bike for yourself. In that case, we have got you covered. We have the best electric bikes, Dublin, for you to choose from. 

If you are looking for the best Dublin bike shop, then the Cycle Centre is the place to go. We provide a wide range of E-Bikes for all price ranges and use cases. Not only that, but we have also got a wide range of conventional bikes to choose from. You can also take advantage of the ride to work schemes with the Cycle Centre. So, now’s the time to get the best electric bikes Ireland with Cycle Centre. Check out our E-Bikes Collection to find the perfect bike for your needs.




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