Ebikes are one of the fastest growing segments in cycling. Allot of people think of ebikes as cheating as effectively you are using less effort to propel yourself forward. The reality is that once you buy an Ebike you get ddicted- to the power you end up doing longer distances, covering greater ground and burning additional calories.Read More

Ebike like traditional bikes give the rider additional flexibility. If you an older person wanting to keep active, to flexible ebiking is an excellent alternative to traditional exercise. Ebikes allow you to explore and adventure to greater distances whether this be around the city or towns, or high up mountain peaks. As with cycling ebiking doesn’t have an impact on your joints and is great if you are recovering from Injury or are just trying to improve general cardiovascular health. Ebikes cover all of the main categories including Mountain, City, Road and Gravel.

We offer a range of modals: Amiti, Dailytour, Entour, Explore, Fastroad, Fathom E, Reign E, Stance E, Thrive E, Vall E

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