What Type Of Bicycle Should I Buy ?

What Type Of Bicycle Should I Buy ?

What type of bicycle should i buy ?. This is a question often asked to our sales team each week at the  Cycle Centre Dundalk. In this post we will hopefully give you an idea of the bicycle that will most suit your needs . It is often the case that a person who wants to buy a bicycle on the Cycle To Work Scheme calls in very excited looking for a bike . We always ask, what type of bike would you like ?,they answer one that you can pedal  and has wheels!. Alas if it was that easy but it isn’t really difficult either. We will be able to identify the bike that will be suitable for your needs from the information us.  The various bike types are listed below, along with some examples of models we have in store.


Hybrid Bikes

The Hybrid bike design were created from a mountain bike/racer mix. The design provides a bike that you can use every day as toddlers activities. The wheels are usually 28 inch/700c with tyres provide a bit of comfort. This type of bike has a upright rider position. It will have a nice wide range of gear to cope with all terrain.  The riding range of this type of bike is usually up to 50 klms. Comfort is key for this type of bike which will normally have relaxed handle bars and  a comfy seats .These bikes are more usually used for going to work or for your shopping around the town.

The Giant Escape 2 Disc

Escape 2 City Disc


The Liv Flourish 3

Flourish 3


Sports Commuter

The sports commuter bike edges more toward the performance bike. The rider position is usually lower and more aerodynamic. The gear ratio is normally higher than the traditional hybrid bike. The bike tyre can also be slightly narrow to allow for more speed. These bikes will also be lighter and have a greater usable range. This type of bike is normally used for zipping around town  and can be used for greater distance sports rides at the weekend.

The Giant Rapid 2

Rapid 2


The Liv Thrive 3

Thrive 3


Road Bikes

The modern road bike is all about performance. The bike usually has a dropped handlebar design which always for more hand positions with aerodynamics a key factor for rider position. The gearing is higher than any other bike type category. The tyres are narrow to reduce rolling resistance and weight is minimized by using super light aluminium or carbon fibre frames. Road bikes can be further split into different categories depending on the cycling discipline. Endurance road bikes have a more upright rider position , longer wheel base and wider gear range. Race road bikes have a more aggressive position , shorter wheel base, stiffer frame and a higher gear ratio. TT road bikes are super aerodynamic with an aggressive rider position , very short wheel base to allow for optimum power transfer and are highly geared.

Giant Defy Advanced 2 – Endurance

Giant TCR Advanced 1 – Race

TCR Advanced 1

Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2  – TT

Trinity Advanced Pro 2

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed for mainly off road activities. The frame, wheels and components have been designed to accommodate for the stresses involved. They are available in two types. Hard tail (front suspension) and full suspension ( front and rear suspension). Wheel sizes range from 26 – 29 inches in diameter with widths ranging from 2 to 4 inches wide. Traction and control is key features in their design.  They will usually have a wide handlebar and short handlebar stem set up for optimum control.  The gear ratio on mountain bikes are lower obviously for climbing purposes. There are various disciplines in mountain biking . Cross country mountain bikes usually have a more aggressive position, less suspension travel (around 100mm) and lighter frames. Trail Mountain bikes share characteristics with the cross country although they generally have more suspension (up to 150mm). Enduro mountain bikes have a slacker frame geometry for descending, more suspension travel (around 160mm) and the frame is generally more robust. Down hill mountain bikes have a very slack frame geometry to allow for steeper decents, more suspension travel (up to 250mm) and have again more substantial  frames.

Giant Anthem 29er 1 – Cross Country


Giant Trance 1 – Trail

Giant Reign 1 – Enduro

Giant Glory 1 – Downhill

Glory 1

Gravel & Cycloross Bikes

Cyclocross and gravel bikes share design characteristics with road bikes but with added off road capability. This is achieved by using a wider gripper tyre, more robust frame design and greater mud clearance. Cyclocross bikes generally have a more aggressive rider position, have lighter frames and are higher geared. Gravel bikes tend to have a more upright rider position, have a more robust heavier frame and a lower gear radio. Cyclocross bikes are generally used for racing and gravel bikes are generally used for trail riding and adventure riding. Cross and gravel bikes can also double as very effective commuter bike for those looking for a bit of speed and more comfort.

Giant  Toughroad SLR GX 2 – Gravel

ToughRoad SLR GX 1

Giant TCX SLR 1 – Cross


We have given you a very quick overview of the different bike designs available at the moment. The Cycle Centre has wide range of road bicycles, mountain bicycles and leisure/ commuter bicycles.  If you are considering buying a bike on the cycle to work scheme or if you are just thinking of starting a new cycling hobby please feel free to call into our bicycle shop in Dundalk and we will gladly answer any of your queries.

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