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Best Commuter Bikes for Women

Best Commuter Bikes for Women

There are a number of options in the market when it comes to finding the best women’s bike for commuting. Cycling is an excellent mode of commuting for working women. It can be irritating driving to work and facing traffic every day. Even public transport can be frustrating at times. Cycling however is a comparatively cheaper and quicker alternative, while being self dependent. Cycling daily is also extremely beneficial to health and fitness.

Opting for the best commuter bike for women’s requirements can make a major difference in how easy and comfortable their daily commute will be.

Here’s a complete guide that can help in choosing the best women’s bike for daily commute :

Things to consider when buying a Women’s Commuter Bike

Everyone wants their commute to be as smooth and worry-free as possible. Each individual takes an appropriate route in certain distinct conditions. This is what largely affects the kind of women’s bike you should select. However, certain aspects are universal in terms of riding to work.


  • 1. Firstly, having a lightweight bike is important regardless of your route’s length or conditions. A lighter bike helps make your ride faster and more efficient. It comes in handy for your versatile needs, say for example you can easily lift your bike and get on a train if need be.


  • 2. The second aspect you must look into is the size and frame style. It is very important that the bike you use daily fits you well. In order to make a more informed decision, you should try test riding bikes of various sizes and styles.


  • 3. Thirdly the saddle of the bike is the all important part that affects ride comfort. You must test if the stock saddle suits your requirements, or if it needs changing as there are women’s specific saddles that may be better for you.


  • 4. Finally, if you need space to keep your stuff like lunch or laptop, you may want to look up bikes that provide safe and secure storage for these items. This may come in the form of pannier racks, front baskets, etc.


Difference between Men’s and Women’s Commuter Bikes

The two main aspects that act as major distinctions between what gets to be defined as a men’s or women’s bike are – size and style. The same principle applies to commuter bikes as well.

Although many commuter bikes are unisex and can appeal to you, if you have some specific requirements and preferences then you should choose accordingly.


Best Women’s Bikes For Commuting

Since you know that cycling is a healthier and more convenient commute mode, here’s a list of options with some of the best bikes for women in this regard : 

1. City Bikes

As suggested by their name, City Bikes are designed for short urban trips and mainly for riding in cities. The focus is mainly on function and their looks are simple yet timeless. A great option as commuting bikes for women,  they are lightweight, with minimal gears and a step-through frame for easy access and a comfortable riding position.

Best Women’s City Bikes

Flourish 1 – Trips around the town are more fun & stylish

Flourish 3 – Timeless design in a modern city bike


2. Hybrid Bikes


Hybrid Bikes are a blend of features and characteristics from other types of bikes like mountain bikes and road bikes. Functioning as unique solutions to women’s city bike riding needs, they are suitable for a wide variety of uses and are a preferred option for routes that are both off and on road.

Best Hybrid Bikes For Women

Thrive 3 – Dependable & durable for daily rides

Alight 2 City Disc – Robust build & practical design


3. Electric Bikes

An electric bike may be your best option if your route is long and tiresome and you want to keep sweating to a minimum. Opt for a Ladies’ Electric Bike if you want a hassle free ride every day. Also, carrying heavy loads becomes easy when riding an e-bike.

Best Electric Bikes For Women

Devron 2810 – Classic design with the comfort of electric power

Vall E+ – Robust design for rough conditions

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