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Transform Your Riding Experience With an E-Bike, Unlike Conventional Transportation!!!

Transform Your Riding Experience With an E-Bike, Unlike Conventional Transportation!!!


These days, all personal finance gurus or teachers are in no shortage of advice to live a happy life. Stay hydrated, meditate daily, sleep properly, don’t forget to save for the future, and so on. But no one talks about how to live a healthier life. The best way to improve the quality of life is to ditch your car.

E-bikes are the right alternative to cars. Over the years, cycles have been considered the best form of physical activity as it works on the overall development of physical and mental fitness. To bring comfort to the traditional cycles, E-bikes come into a role that are battery-operated cycles perfect to cover more distance. E-bikes are great to live a healthier life while saving money for retirement. And what not to love about e-cycles, speed, and sustainability? Now, let’s discuss the ride-to-work scheme running into Ireland. 


What is the cycle-to-work scheme in Ireland?

The cycle to work scheme Ireland allows employers to provide a bicycle and safety accessories to the employee. It is a tax benefit scheme used by the employees of companies. The main purpose of the scheme is to encourage employees to use e-bikes to come to work. 

Under this ride to work scheme, the company registers for the bike. 

Then employees of the company select the bike and other safety accessories as per their preferences. 

The employer pays for the bike and then the employee pays the funds to the employer through regular installments. 

Why should employees come to work using e-bikes? 

Companies these days play an important role in promoting a healthier and sustainable lifestyle among their employees. They promote several sustainable practices that allow employees to live a happy and healthier life ahead. One of these practices is running an e-bike. Ride to work scheme is also a part of it. So, what are the advantages of using an electric bike? Let’s hop in: 

Better for planet 

Everyone knows that cycling is a far healthier choice not only for the cyclist but also for the entire population. An integrated battery e-bike would be an eco-friendly option if the covering distance is a little far away. It drastically reduces your carbon footprint compared to other vehicles. 

Mental health 

Everyone knows that cycling brings a lot of physical fitness benefits but at the same time, it is also helpful for your mental health. Moving your body helps in releasing endorphins which is a chemical that makes you feel good inside out. Also, the outdoor fresh air brings clarity to your mind making you feel distressed and mentally fit. 

Less energy requirement 

An e-bike requires less or minimal effort to cover more distance compared to the traditional cycles. Therefore you will have full energy to spend on your work after reaching there. You will ride cooler as less energy will be required for driving the e-bike all thanks to the motor. You will arrive at your work without spending your energy while saving time. 

Cheaper option 

An e-bike is the best way to save money. For all short to medium-length journeys, you won’t be required to pay for diesel or gas. Let your e-bike work for you. An e-bike is not only an eco-friendly and sustainable option but also it helps save huge money. The bike is cheaper than other modes of transportation like cars, motorbikes, and so on. Also, it saves money on electric bike insurance. 

Get your daily dose of vitamin D 

Vitamin D is essential for good mood, strong bones, and a healthy immune system. With our workday life, it becomes tough to get enough time outdoors making us deficient in Vitamin D. E-bike allows us to soak up the sun’s rays allowing us to get enough vitamin D.  

These are fast and flexible 

Electric bicycles help you to ride farther and faster therefore they are great for covering high distances in less duration. Regardless of your fitness level, you can easily ride the Bike to work faster so you can reach work in a short period. Additionally, they are easy to operate or run and can be operated with ease by all. 

Quick start 

An e-bike allows you to get up to speed from a standstill with ease saving your acceleration time with less effort. This allows you to easily use the e-bike at junctions and lights without any stress. Also, you don’t have to wait in traffic jams, saving you time.   

Wrapping it all up!!!

These days, e-bikes and electric bicycles are highly in demand. These have become a trendy alternative to cars, SUVs, and other gas and diesel vehicles. Compared to the other modes of commuting, these bicycles provide numerous benefits as discussed above. If you are an employer or an individual looking to buy an e-bike, visit the cycle center website where you can find a wide array of cycles to transform your cycling experience. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is not included in the cycle-to-work scheme Ireland?

Motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, second-hand bicycles, and other second-hand equipment are not included in the scheme. 

How often one can use the scheme?

The scheme in Ireland can be available once every four years by employees.

How e-bike is a cost-effective solution

An e-bike is a cheaper option than cars and other vehicles. Also, the cost per mile is tiny compared to the car. Also, it makes the urban trips faster, making you more productive.  


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