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The 11 Best Cycling Trips In The World
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The 11 Best Cycling Trips In The World

Cycling trips can be meditative while riding on beautiful flat terrains as well as thrilling while going up and down rocky hills.

As a passionate biker, you might want to check out some of the most fulfilling cycling trips in the world to satiate your wanderlust mentioned here.

Bucket List Bike Ride (Ireland)

Ireland is considered to be a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. The country certainly offers some of the best bike tours in the world. One such track is the Bucket List Bike Ride. Also known as the Slea Head Drive, the route is essentially a coastal loop surrounding the Dingle peninsula. Starting and ending in Dingle, the track takes you through the coast and cliffs of the Blasket Islands.

With the length of 50 km, the Slea Head Drive is more or less a steady ride with a few moderate climbs. All you need to do is buy/rent the giant bikes Ireland has to offer and hit the road!

Karst Limestone Landscapes (China)

Cycling through the exquisite landscapes of China can certainly be one of the most memorable moments in your life. In this trip, you can get your bikes and cycle amongst the karst limestone landscapes of China in Yangshuo.

Yangshuo is full of picturesque locations and scenic beauty that would instantly put you in a meditative state. As you ride from Guilin to the indigenous town of Xingping, you would pass through beautiful limestone towers adding to the already swelling beauty of the location.

Pan America Highway (Central America)

This trip lets you explore the exotic regions of Central America, covering Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. While cycling along the Pan America Highway, you would pass through Lake Nicaragua and get to witness the Irazú, the highest volcano in Costa Rica.

You can get your road or electric bike and head out to witness the beautiful sugarcane plantations, crystal clear Panama waters, and the highland tracks of Panama City.

Pokhara To Kathmandu (Nepal)

If you are an adventure enthusiast and garner special love for rocky terrains, this is one of the best bike trips to go for. Starting from Pokhara and ending in Kathmandu, this is essentially a mountain biking trip in the lap of Himalayas.

Through this adventurous expedition, you will witness the beautiful Kali Horseshoe and Annapurna Massif, followed by cycling along the scenic Marshyangdi river.

The Baltic Region (Northern Europe)

Touring the Baltic regions of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on a bicycle is certainly an experience to cherish. The trip would take you through dreamy fairy tale towns, allowing you to enjoy every bit of your time.

The lands you would cycle through would largely be wild with nature at its raw best. You also get to cycle through the ancient Old Town of Tallinn, the popular Route 10 across the gorgeous Baltic Sea. If you wish to work your bikes, even more, you can explore the Latvian city of Jurmala and cycle along its famous white beach.

Cape Town And Winelands (South Africa)

This is the trip for cyclists wanting to soak in the beauty of nature riding on a simple terrain at their own pace. Here, you would follow the famous Route 62 road, a route stretching from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

You can start your trip from the Stellenbosch vineyards after enjoying some wine tasting and pass through the Karoo desert and the Koo Valley orchards, stopping by Barrydale to interact with the locals.

You would be cycling along the coast to get to the Cape of Good Hope, witnessing the penguin colony of Boulders and a small portion of the Cape Argus race route.

Myanmar (Burma)

This cycling trip along the Burmese jungles dotted by an array of temples would start at Yangon and terminate at Mandalay. Here, you will experience calm roads, simple and hurdle-free terrain, and a view of the ancient countryside throughout.

You can also cycle to the historical city of Bagan, which is home to several ochre-coloured temples. You can also cycle to Mount Popa through the scenic toddy tree forests and interact with the local fishermen as they indulge in their daily chores.

Inca Trail (Peru)

This trail is ideal to cater to the adventurer within you as you cycle through picturesque Peru and ride up to the traditional Inca sites. You can start your journey in Lima and witness the dens of artists and fishermen, cycling along the Pacific coastline.

You can also opt for an adventure on your mountain bike along the challenging terrains of the Sacred Valley. Once you are done cycling and wish to explore the lands even deeper, you can walk along the Inca trail and tour the famous Machu Pichu.

Camino de Santiago (Spain)

This is essentially a pilgrimage on pedals. You can choose to go for this self-guided ride for a meditative experience and enjoy nature’s calm as you introspect throughout the course of the journey as you cross the Castilian Plains and finish the pilgrimage at Santiago de Compostela, made incredibly famous by Paulo Coelho.

Silk Road (Kazakhstan)

This one is certain to tease the explorer within you as you go bike touring around the world! Get your mountain bikes and ride the artistic landscape of the Silk Road in south-east Kazakhstan.

You can start at the foothills of Tian Shan and cycle along the uneven and rocky terrains of the valleys situated in the steppes. The trail will also take you through farming villages, where you can interact with the nomadic Kazakh shepherds. Finally, you can end your expedition in the desert of Altyn-Emel National Park.

Hanoi (Vietnam) To Laos

This cross-country trail can be one of the most memorable back-road adventures of your life! Here, you start from Hanoi and cycle along the Tram Tron Pass, the incredibly scenic and the highest road pass of Vietnam.

As you cycle into Laos, you pass through the picturesque valleys of Sapa and finish at the charming city of Luang Prabang.


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