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Named Sport Nutrition

We are pleased to introduce a new range of nutritional products by Named Sport at the Cycle Centre Dundalk. As with any sport cycling places the body under a certain amount of stress. The body then adapts to this stress during the recovery phase and develops an ability to sustain a higher level of activity. You can do classic car painting for your car.In order to recover the body needs a supply of quality nutrition. Named sport use the highest quality ingredients which are backed up by scientific research. Named Sport have over 30 years  experience in the pharmaceutical industry. They the top sponsor of the 2018 Giro D’Italia.


Isonam Energy


Isotonic drink mix with Maltodextrin, Minerals and Vitamins plus Creatine & Ginseng.

Isotonic drink with Maltodextrin, Minerals and Vitamins, with Creatine and Ginseng.

Food supplement in powder form, designed for the preparation of an isotonic drink (314.24 mosm / L)Magnesium and Potassium helping muscle functionality. Ginseng has tonic effect and is recommended in cases of physical and mental fatigue. Creatine (3g / d0se) increases physical performance in case of endurance activities, of high intensity and short duration.

> Restores the idrosaline losses due to sweating

> Vitamins C and B6 promote energy metabolism

> Magnesium promotes good muscle function

> Vitamins C and B6 help combat tiredness and fatigue

> The Ginseng has tonic-adaptogenic action

Thanks to its special blend of Carbohydrates (maltodextrin and dextrose 6% p/v), which are assimilated by the body at different speeds, Isonam Energy has an osmotic pressure identical to that of plasma and guarantees a rapid passage through the gastric system and rapid assimilation into the intestine.



Additional informations

Timing for use Before, During
Flavors Orange, Lemon
Form Powders
Nutritional characteristics Gluten free, Lactose <0,01%, Vegetarian, With Minerals, With Vitamins
Size 480g
Product category Energy supplements, Minerals
Goals Core resistance, Hydration
Sports Road Cycling, Running, Skiing, Triathlon



Alkaline* Salts supplement with Vitamins and Q10 Coenzyme

Formulated to support the body’s acid base balance. With alkaline mineral salts, bicarbonates, antioxidants, vitamins and Coenzyme Q10.

Muscles & blood prefer to be in a slightly alkaline state to function efficiently. However, muscle is more variable and during intense efforts (muscle ‘burn’) they can become more acidic causing muscle fatigue. By reducing this acidity it will take longer for the ‘burn’ to occur meaning you can train harder. The special ProBasic formulation has been specifically studied to support the physiological recovery processes in the post-workout phase.


>Calcium and Magnesium supports normal muscle function.

>Zinc* contributes to the normal  acid-base metabolism.

>Vitamins C and E help protect cells from oxidative stress produced by intense training.

>Featuring  Coenzyme Q10.


Additional informations

Timing for use After
Form Tablets
Nutritional characteristics Gluten free, Lactose free, Vegan Friendly, With Vitamins
Size 120 tablets
Product category Health supplements, Minerals
Goals Recovery, Wellness
Sports Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Running, Skiing, Swimming, Team Sports, Triathlon



Total Energy Strong Gel

Total Energy Strong Gel 1

Energy gel with carbohydrates, Caffeine, Guarana & Taurine for an immediate mental boost.

High-energy gel formulated with Maltodextrin, Caffeine, Taurine & Guarana.

Energy solution based on maltodextrins with different rate of assimilation (D.E. 9:19), enriched with Caffeine, Taurine and Guarana for a stimulating energy supply. Total Energy Strong Gel delivers fast & long lasting energy and is especially useful when taken during endurance and high intensity training or competition.


Additional informations

Timing for use Before, During
Form Liquids
Nutritional characteristics Gluten free, Lactose free
Flavors Lemon
Size 40ml gel (24 pcs.)
Product category Energy supplements
Goals Core resistance, Energy and Concentration
Sports Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Running, Skiing, Triathlon
  • 40ml  ( 24 )



Total Energy Fruit Bar

Total Energy Fruit bar 1

Energy Bar rich in Carbs and Vitamins, with rice crispies and real fruit.
Tasty energy bar with puffed rice and real fruit, withVitamins B1, B6 and Vitamin C,specifically developed to provide instant accessible carbs for energy to support immediate physical performance output.  These bars are a great way to maintain energy levels and are easy to transport whilst competing or during endurance training. Natural and easy on the stomach for quick absorption.


  • > Fast and lasting energy delivery

  • > With antioxidant vitamin C

  • > With pro-energy Vitamins B1 and B6

  • > Made with real fruit, fruit juice and natural rice crispies

  • > Only 1 gram of fat per 35g bar


Additional informations

Timing for use Before, During
Form Bars
Flavors Fruit Tango, Yellow Fruits
Size 12 bars (35 g each)
Product category Bars & Snacks, Energy supplements
Goals Core resistance
Sports Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Running, Triathlon


Total Energy Rush

Energy tablets with Caffeine, herbal extracts of Guarana & Gymnostemma.

Energy tablets made from carefully selected plant extracts.

With a tonic and energizing effect from Taurine, Caffeine, Niacin, enriched with vegetable extracts of Guarana and Gynostemma. Total Energy Rush supports energy metabolism and contrasts tiredness and fatigue thanks to the vegetable extracts of Guarana acting as a tonic, and Gynostemma supporting cardiovascular system.


Additional informations

Timing for use Before, During
Form Tablets
Size 60 tablets
Product category Energy supplements, Stimulants
Nutritional characteristics Fast Energy, Gluten free, Lactose free
Goals Core resistance, Energy and Concentration
Sports Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Running, Triathlon

L- Glutamine

100% pure L- Glutamine KyowaQuality ™ powder micronized to 180 MESH

Purest L- Glutamine KyowaQuality ™ powder.

Supplement from micronized L-Glutamine KyowaQuality ™ powder, highly micronized, 100% pure, ensures maximum solubility and rapid absorption.

Glutamine is an important amino acid involved in many functions. It helps support the immune system, is an anti-oxidant, promotes training recovery and plays a role in the secretion of growth hormones. Glutamine is the dominant amino acid in muscle tissue and can be useful in sports when taken:

■ An hour before the start of the effort along with carbohydrates

■ Immediately after training, within 30 minutes from the end of the year, along with plenty of fluids and amino acids

■ A fasting, before going to bed.


Super 100% Whey

100% WPC  Carbery® Carbelac80.

100% WPC of the purest quality Whey Protein Carbery® Carbelac 80.

The Whey amino acid composition is similar to that of human muscles and whey contains all of the essential amino acids as well as a high content of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) which are essential for recovery and for muscle gain.

The benefits of Super Whey 100% are based on the short-chain amino acid peptides (oligopeptides, polypeptides) that are absorbed faster than the larger and more complex protein molecules found in cheaper products.

> Helps maintain and grow muscle mass

> May help enhance recovery and counteract post-workout catabolism

> Helps contrast fatigue and tiredness (Vitamins B1, B2, B6)

> Quickly absorbed by digestive enzymes

> Featuring the exclusive Named 4 Protein Matrix® blend




Additional informations

Timing for use Before, After
Flavors Coconut&Almond, Smooth Chocolate, Tiramisù, White Choco&Strawberry
Form Powders
Nutritional characteristics Gluten free, High Protein, With Vitamins
Size 2 kg, 908g
Product category Proteins
Goals Mass muscle development, Nutrition
Sports Body building, Fitness, Running, Triathlon
  • 908g  ( 30 )
  • 2000g  ( 66 )


The range of products by Named Sport Nutrition extends much further than the products listed above. The range fully supports your nutritional needs before, during and after exercise. It is suitable for use in mountain biking and road cycling. Just think how much better your body will preform in the local road cycling or mountain bike leagues. Its best to fuel your body with the right fuel at the the right time to achieve. Please drop us an email if you require any further information.

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