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Best Mountain Bike Trails in Ireland
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Best Mountain Bike Trails in Ireland

Ireland is a lovely place for tourists, adventure seekers, and wanderers. Beautiful and low-lying mountains surround a central plain, with several navigable rivers extending inland.

Its lush vegetation is a product of its mild but changeable climate, and it is one of the best destinations to go on a bike ride. That’s why, in this article, we will be covering some of the best mountain trails in Ireland for you.


Best Mountain Bike Trails in Ireland

Ireland’s beautiful landscape provides some of the best trails for cyclists. Let’s get acquainted with some of the best mountain bike trails in Ireland for you to explore.

  • Dublin Mountains

The Way stops at a number of interesting historical locations, including the Ballyedmonduff prehistoric monuments and those on the Two Rock and Tibradden Mountains. The route spans from Shankill in the east to Tallaght in the west, covering a distance of around 42 kilometers (26 miles).

You will likely pass through stunning forest and heathland while enjoying breathtaking views of Dublin Bay, the city, and the Wicklow Mountains in the distance.

The trail is entirely exposed on the top slopes, and it can be very windy in bad weather. Please ensure your bike is in good functioning condition and you have the necessary level of competence and fitness to ride these trails.


Ravensdale is a fantastic spot for exploring nature with a bit of light hiking. A few ancient, abandoned, and dilapidated woodland cabins greet you as you travel along the pathways. Although they are intriguing and eerie, you are better off NOT stepping inside any of them as they aren’t particularly safe.

Ravensdale mountain biking trails are ideal for biking, as their narrow trails and constantly changing slopes make it an exciting adventure. This fantastic trek includes the Ravensdale Forest, Black Mountain, and Carnavaddy. These roads have a range of topography, including paved and swampy areas.

The native wildlife and vegetation can be encountered throughout this journey, providing visitors with various incredible experiences.

Cooley Mountains

The Cooley mountains are on the Cooley peninsula in northeast County Louth in Ireland. The Cooley mountains consist of two ridges running northeast to southeast. The valley of Glenmore separates it. It is a stunning destination for bike riding.

This Mountain bike trail is a magical village full of character and one of Ireland’s best preserved medieval villages.Its history, narrow medieval streets, and lanes that lead to the harbor provide a unique biking experience.

Its majestic Slieve Foye mountain and the famous mountains of Mourne across the lough all combine to make Carlingford. It’s the best mountain trail to enjoy biking and experience the land’s rich history.

Mourne Mountains

The Mourne Mountains is a granite range in County Down in the southeast of Northern Ireland. It includes the highest mountains in Ireland. In Davagh Forest, Castlewellan, and Rostrevor—the latter of which features two fantastic downhill tracks on the shores of Carlingford Lough—Northern Ireland offers over 100 km of trails for mountain biking in Ireland.

Additionally, Castlewellan Forest Park is home to Ireland’s first, and only official dirt jumps park, as well as a purpose-built MTB Skills Course at the Tollymore National Outdoor Center.

But Northern Ireland has more to offer than just mountain biking; in the County Down and East Border Region in this region of Ireland, fantastic road cycling may also be enjoyed.


County Down, Northern Ireland, has the settlement and townland of Rostrevor. It is close to Warrenpoint at the base of Slieve Martin on the Carlingford Lough shore. The Kilbroney River traverses the territory, and Rostrevor Forest is close by. It is a part of the district of Newry, Mourne, and Down.

Rostrevor Mountain Bike Trails are accessible from the bustling village of Rostrevor. It offers some challenging mountain biking where efforts are rewarded with breathtaking coastal views and thrilling single-track descents. The trails are located in Rostrevor Forest Park on the shores of Carlingford Lough.

Many people consider Rostrevor Ireland’s best mountain biking location since it has a mouthwatering red track and a heart-pounding black route. There’s no denying that when you have not just one but two specifically designed downhill routes in the mix. The mountain bikers’ paradise is Rostrevor!


Best Mountain Bikes


Mountain Biking is popular in Ireland. You already know that Ireland is a magical place. After learning about some of the best Mountain biking trails, you might also be interested in getting a bike for yourself. Now it’s time to tell you about some of the best Mountain bikes.


Trance X 29 2

This brand-new 29er has been engineered with 29er-specific geometry and a lightweight, sturdy, and stiff aluminum chassis to help you ride faster and smoother on the roughest terrain. It also boasts an advanced new suspension setup that provides a pleasant ride.

The more extended travel Maestro suspension offers a 150mm fork and 135mm active rear travel. This Mountain bike is designed to maximize control on rough terrain such as the Cooley Mountains with 29-inch wheels and tonnes of clearance (up to 2.5-inch tires).

It has a two-position adjustable Advanced Forged Composite flip-chip equipped upper rocker arm with 135mm of full rear-wheel travel (and 150mm up front) for enhanced rigidity, strength, and lighter total frame weight.

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Reign 29 SX

The Reign SX 29 is a trail-ready monster truck with a spandex-clad sidekick. You’re welcome to try to visualize that one. In addition to its propensity for destroying trails, it climbs the hill rather pleasantly.

The twin-link Maestro suspension from Giant has short upper and lower shock links. The travel was pumped up to 160mm on this model (compared to 146mm on the 29er Reigns) by increasing the shock stroke by 2.5mm, and the SX additionally incorporates a coil shock to raise the level.

The Reign SX 29 is a trail-ready monster truck with a spandex-clad sidekick. You’re welcome to try to visualize that one. In addition to its propensity for destroying trails, it climbs the slope in a shockingly friendly fashion.

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Cube AIM SL Allroad Grey/Black 2022

Mountain bikes remove barriers. In that spirit, the new Aim SL Allroad is as versatile as possible. The brand-new Aim Allroad, completely redesigned for 2022, redefines adaptability. It comes fully equipped with full-length mudguards, a baggage carrier, and a lighting system to assist you on dark mountain trails.

For long-lasting performance and easy maintenance, the flat disc mount features a threaded bottom bracket and internal cable routing, and it works perfectly with the supplied kickstand.

This Bike is Perfect for biking on mountains like The Mourne Mountains. This category is perfect for dirt jump parks. This bike is one of the best MTB in Ireland.

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So, in the end, it all comes down to choosing the best mountain bike that suits your needs. If you plan to go on a mountain biking trail like the Cooley Mountains, you may like Trance X 29 2.

You need to get yourself a mountain bike that is durable and trustworthy. The Cycle Centre provides some of the best mountain bikes for exploring mountain trails. You should check them out if you are planning to go on a biking trail.

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