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Reasons To Switch To An Electric Bike
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Reasons To Switch To An Electric Bike

Electric bikes have been around for many decades, but only recently have they started enjoying mass adoption. They are becoming more popular, powerful, and cost-effective.

There are plenty of reasons to switch to an electric bike. They could be a massive improvement to your lifestyle. Cycle Center one of the oldest bike shops in Dundalk boasts some of Ireland’s top electric bike collections, including Ebikes for sale. But first, let’s discover the reasons to switch to an electric bike.


What are Ebikes & How do they Work?

Ebikes, as the name suggests, run on electricity. They have a rechargeable battery attached to them. It can be used to power an electric motor, give you an assist/boost while pedaling, or completely operate the bike with no human effort required.  The motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, which enables the rider to ride via the pedals. The battery stores the power generated by the engine.

Generally, one of the most critical factors while searching for Ebikes is range. Ebikes come with a variety of battery sizes and capacities. Typically, Ebikes have a range between 400 wh and 700 wh. Ebike range can vary widely depending on weight, baggage, terrain, and commuting distance. 

Most Ebikes come with a throttle or a mechanism to start using electric energy from the battery, allowing you to enjoy complete freedom between human and electric power.


5 Reasons to Switch to an EBike

  • Health

It’s no secret that riding a bike is suitable for fitness, losing weight, and moving towards a healthy lifestyle. It is specially best suited for the people who dont want to miss out their exercise routine even while commuting to their work.  In order to promote a sustainable future, the bike shops in Ireland also permit employees to purchase an ebike through the ride to work scheme. Riding an ebike ensures proper exercise, which promotes health benefits like muscle growth and weight loss. With ebikes, you can relax as the electric motor does the job anytime you start to feel fatigued from your exercise.

Cost Effective

An electric bike might be the perfect solution for all your commute needs in Ireland. You will save money because you won’t need to pay for gas or car insurance. Plus, you will avoid having to park your vehicle at work or school.


EBikes come especially handy in short commutes. That’s why Ebikes  is the perfect choice for your needs. Ebikes being small and narrow, is easily maneuverable and can quickly zip through traffic. Moreover, you can choose from a range of easily carriable bikes that can promptly be taken to areas where conventional vehicles go.


This one is obvious. Adopting Ebikes means reducing the number of ICE vehicles on the roads of Ireland. Electric bikes do not produce carbon dioxide emissions when they are used. This means that using an electric bicycle will reduce the number of pollutants in the air.


Ebikes can be used for a variety of purposes. You could use them to pick up groceries, go on hiking, or travel to the office quickly. They come with a wide range of accessories that allow you to modify your bike according to your particular use case and utilities. With Ebikes, you can fulfill your needs.


Best Electric Bikes Store In Dublin – Cycle Centre


There are plenty of options for choosing Ebikes. You don’t have to rely on our words. It’s advised to understand your needs and use cases to decide the most suitable features for your Ebikes.


Visit Cycle Centre, one of the best electric bike shops in Dublin, to locate the ideal e-bike according to your requirement. Discover our extensive selection of bikes from well-known brands like Giant and Devron Europe. Whether you’re looking for an ebike near Dublin, Co. Louth, Drogheda, or Dundalk, we service all of these regions.


What to consider while buying an Ebike?

There are plenty of things to consider while buying an Ebike. 

  • Motor Power: Your motor should be powerful enough to handle the terrain, environment, distance, and speed of your commute easily

  • Range: Your Ebike should easily be able to handle the distance of your usual commute without requiring a recharge

  • Charging Stations: Choose a bike with compatible charging stations around your home. These charging stations charge bikes faster than conventional in-home charges.

  • Insurance: Your Ebike is much more expensive than your conventional bike, so you should always seek insurance. Cycle Centre is one of the best places to get electric bike insurance in Ireland.

  • Warranty: The motor and battery of Ebikes come with a warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. Having a bike with an extended warranty period is always a nice-to-have thing.

E-bikes at The Cycle Centre

When it comes to bikes, especially ebikes, you can trust Cycle Centre to be among the best shops in Ireland. You can have a memorable biking experience by buying from the wide range of bikes available at Cycle Centre.

You can choose from a variety of bikes meant for roads, mountains, cities, kids, and adults. Not only that, but you can also purchase them through Cycle To Work Schemes. To get our bikes through the Cycle To Work Scheme, please click the “Ride to Work” button at the bottom of each bike to get a quote that can be submitted to your employer to avail of the Cycle-To-Work benefits.


By now, you’d have realized the importance and discover the reasons to switch to an electric bike. Also, you might be interested in getting one for yourself.

In that case, we have got you covered. At the Cycle Centre, you can explore bikes for sale in Ireland at the most affordable price. We provide you with a wide range of bikes for all intents and purposes. Moreover, you could enjoy the best electric bike insurance in Ireland. But wait — there’s more. You can get your ebikes with cycle-to-work schemes as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our wide range of E-Bike, and find the perfect Ebike for you today.


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