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Top 10 Electric Bikes For Every Kind of Rider
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Top 10 Electric Bikes For Every Kind of Rider

Electric bikes are the future of short-distance commuter transportation. It’s high time to switch to electric bikes. Today, there are plenty of choices for electric bikes, some of which are ideal for roads & long distances. The sheer variety makes it difficult to select the right bike for your needs.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered. The Cycle Centre is home to some of the best electric bikes in Dublin. We will get you acquainted with 10 of our best bikes that would be ideal for any kind of rider and use case.

Top 10 Electric Bikes in Ireland

1. Devron 28162 – Best for short-distance commute

The Devron 28162 is one of the best electric bikes with a lightweight yet durable body made from aluminum. This unisex bike is an ideal choice for a wide variety of use cases, including commuting, shopping, exercise, moderate hiking, and more.

It is designed to be ideal for men as well as women, ensuring that anyone and everyone can experience this electric bike. You can enjoy this bike with its 18-speed gearbox. This built-to-last bike comes with an attached water bottle holder, which makes it ideal for going hiking and exercising. 

Devron 28162 Electric Bike

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2. Roam E+ GTS – Best for sports and adventures

The Roam E+ GTS (GUK) (2022) is an electric bike built for sports lovers, adventure seekers, and hikers. Its light and agile design is perfect for rough tracks. This electric bike comes with really wide, strong, and durable tires that keep you in complete control on all terrains. 

Besides, it has a 63mm suspension fork that enhances riding comfort and gives you better control. This bike is a great choice if you want a long-lasting, energy-efficient bike that can take you through all your commutes without losing power. You can connect an external wireless display to this bike as well.

Roam E+ GTS (GUK) (2022


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3. Devron 28120 – Best electric bike for ladies

The Devron 28120 is an ideal bike for ladies, with a design that is perfect for satisfying the needs of all ladies. Besides, it is an ideal bike for roaming around in the city and enjoying metal roads at high speeds. This fast and efficient electric bike comes with an adequately sized 522Wh battery. 

You can use this bike for a variety of uses. It comes with a proper rear saddle to carry an extra passenger or use it as a storage compartment. This makes it an ideal choice for grocery shopping and carrying luggage for long commutes. 

Devron 28120


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4. Fathom E+ 29 2 – Best for Exploring Trails

The Fathom E+ is a powerful electric bike with a ton of features. It is built to handle many terrains effortlessly. This electric bike comes with 120mm of front suspension that ensures maximum comfort for the rider. Its carefully designed geometry is a choice for zipping through trails and narrow paths.

You can enjoy its 10-speed gearbox to ensure an ideal driving experience. It uses advanced technologies like SyncDrive Pro, Smart Assist, etc. to maximize comfort and optimize the push from a battery-powered motor. It also comes with built-in fast charging capabilities that charge the battery up to 80% in 2.5 hours.

Fathom E+ 29 2


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5. Devron E1.7 E – Best for mountain biking

The Devron E1.7 E is an electric bike built with the needs of mountain bikers in mind. This versatile bike comes with large 27.5-inch tires that are ideal for almost every condition. It is an ideal mountain bike thanks to its long-lasting 10.4 amp-hour battery capacity. 

This unisex bike can be used for the intracity commute as well as long trips across rough terrain. It comes with an 18-speed gearbox that can be used in almost any condition.

Devron E1.7 E

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6. Explore E+ 0 Pro – Best for high-speed biking experience

The Explore E+ 0 Pro is an ideal bike for enjoying high-speed traveling. This bike is built with high-quality materials that support maximum performance with minimum weight and energy requirements. This electric bike is powered by the SyncDrive Pro motor from Yamaha that ensures high speeds as and when you need it.

Its high-volume tires and powerful disk brakes keep you in control all the time. It is loaded with proper build-to-last accessories, including fenders, racks, lights, kickstands, etc.

Explore E+ 0 Pro


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7. Trance X E+ Pro 29 3 – Best electric bike with a powerful motor and giant tires

This electric bike comes with large 29-inch tires with 140mm rear/ 150mm travel which is ideal for a wide range of use cases including sports, adventure, and traveling. Its powerful SyncDrive Pro motor delivers up to 80 Nm of torque. 

It supports Smart Assist technology that helps you use your own power and battery power in parallel. Besides, this bike comes with many built-in features to improve efficiency and maximize battery utilization.

Trance X E+ Pro 29 3



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8. DailyTour E+ 3 GTS – Best electric bike with built-in navigation

The DailyTour E+ 3 GTS is an ideal bike for long-distance commuters and travelers thanks to its built-in navigation system that assists riders in finding the right path when traveling. Besides, it comes with an advanced smart assist mode to dynamically adjust electric power based on your requirements.

This bike comes with integrated high-quality lights that work well in almost all environments without any issues. It boasts a powerful 500Wh battery that should likely be sufficient for most of your usual use cases. The attached carriage makes it easy to carry luggage while traveling.

DailyTour E+ 3 GTS


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9. Entour E+ 1 LDS – Best electric bike for comfort

This electric bike is the best choice for enjoying complete riding comfort. Its frame is designed to maximize space and make it easy for you to get in and out of the bike. This bike has a relatively lower height, which is also better for balancing. This electric bike is a great choice for senior citizens and people with some kind of disability.

Besides, it comes with a powerful SyncDrive Core motor that provides support ratios of up to 300 percent, which makes this bike ideal for comfort and excellent handling.

Entour E+ 1 LDS


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10. Devron 28161  – Best Affordable Electric Bike

Devron 28161 is a high-quality powerful electric bike, but it’s still very cost-effective. Its powerful hydraulic brakes, comprehensive suspension system, and responsive rear mount drive motor make it perfect for driving in almost all conditions. 

This versatile unisex E-bike is an excellent choice for men as well as women who love casual bike rides. It’s a powerful 16-speed shifter that makes it easy to customize riding speeds effortlessly. It comes with a smart display to let you take action while riding the bike.

Devron 28161


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Clearly, you’d have now realized how amazing our electric bike collection is. So, now’s the time to take action and get yourself some of the best electric bikes in Co-Louth, Dublin, and Dundalk.


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