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How To Find Your Perfect Gravel Bike?
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How To Find Your Perfect Gravel Bike?

Gravel Bikes are bikes built specially to withstand rugged off-road conditions and city roads. Their sporty geometry, rough and rigid body, curled handlebars, wide tires, and better height make them ideal for streets and hills. 

Gravel bikes are ideal for places like Ireland, with multiple unique terrains in their proximity. We’ll help you understand the meaning of a gravel bike and help you choose from some of the best gravel bikes in Dublin and Dundalk.

What is a Gravel Bike?

A gravel bike provides proper handling, improves grip on the road, and is ideal for tight turns. Gravel bikes are the perfect combination of the best road features, adventure, mountains, etc.

It is generally far more rigid than road bikes, is usually lighter than proper mountain bikes, and supports more accessories than an adventure bike.

Cycle Centre is an ideal bike shop in Dundalk and Dublin for finding your perfect Gravel bike. But for now, let’s first understand what to look for while searching for gravel bikes for sale.

What To Look For In a Gravel Bike?

Selecting the perfect gravel bike is no joke. You must look for some essential things before making a purchase. Here are a few things that should be on your mind when buying a gravel bike.

  1. Mountain vs. Roads: You must be aware of the landscape where you’ll be riding the bike. Gravel bikes come with other specialties inclined towards mountains, roads, or adventure. Be sure of what you want to prioritize.

  3. Tires: If you have a rough use case requiring a lot of sharp turns, off-roading, and rough terrains, you must prefer wider tires. Larger tires are instrumental when riding uphill.

  5. Build Quality: An ideal gravel bike should be built with the highest quality materials, ensuring resistance to any impact.

  7. Accessories: Be aware of included and optional accessories that you’d need. Extra luggage capacity, support for headlights, reflectors, etc. should be taken into account

  9. Price: Of course, once you know all the above needs, you must choose the gravel bike that comes with the perfect price.


Find The Best Gravel Bike in Ireland

It will be difficult to call a particular bike the best gravel bike in Ireland for your needs. That’s why we will show you some of the best gravel bikes for sale at Cycle Centre.

CUBE CROSS RACE C:68X TE 2022 – Best Light-Weight Bike

Cube Cross Race C:68X is a premium gravel bike that utilizes carbon fiber to create a strong yet incredibly lightweight frame. Besides, its 12-speed gearbox ensures you can adapt to different conditions as and when needed. 

This gravel bike has an advanced hydraulic disk brake that ensures minimum stopping distance and proper braking in the most challenging conditions. The new class-leading carbon Newmen Advanced SL R.38 STREEM wheelset provides maximum grip and maintains adequate handling on all surfaces.


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Devote Advanced Pro (2021) – Best For Hiking and Adventures

Devote Advanced Pro is one of the best gravel bikes in Dublin at Cycle Centre. It has excellent features for hikers, gravel grinders, and adventure seekers. Its high-performance brakes and 45mm wide tubeless tires are ideal for almost any terrain.

It utilizes Advanced Composite Technology to maximize weight saving while maintaining structural strength. This 12-speed bike is ideal for all genders and will be a great companion in the most challenging situations. It comes with three water bottle mounts that can be critical when going on long journeys. Find this and many others at Cycle Centre, one of the best Bike Shops in Dundalk, Dublin, etc.
Devote Advanced Pro (2021)
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TCX Advanced Pro 2 (2022) – Best Multi-use case Gravel Bike

TCX Advanced Pro is an ideal bike for multiple use cases. Its features make it suitable for roads, rough tracks, mountains, gravels, and more. This bike provides a highly configurable D-fuse composite Seatpost that is ideal for absorbing shocks and providing a comfortable riding experience.

Its integrated disc-brake technology and tubeless tires make it ideal for quickly traveling anywhere. The lightweight composite frame has incredible stiffness and strength to bear all terrains. This 11-speed cycle is one of the best gravel bikes in Dublin and Dundalk.

TCX Advanced Pro 2 (2022)
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Rove 2 (2021) – Best Affordable Gravel Bike

Rove 2 is one of the best gravel bikes in Ireland in terms of pricing. It is light on the pocket yet great on features. It’s flat bars and advanced front suspension for maximum comfort. A very lightweight aluminum body makes it very easy to ride. 

Rove 2 has powerful hydraulic disc brakes that stop your bike at high speeds. This bike is one of the best gravel bikes for sale at Cycle Centre. It is designed to assist riders in sitting upright, ensuring more stability and comfort while riding.

Rove 2 (2021)

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ToughRoad SLR 2 – Best For Long Distance Travel

ToughRoad SLR 2 is one of the best bikes for traveling and commuting long distances. This bike is built with an ALUXX SLR, which is the lightest grade of aluminum and uses high-quality composite for its fork. 

It supports tires of up to 50mm in width, which makes it great for almost any condition. It comes with in-built support for attaching front and rear racks that can be used to store luggage for long travels. This is one of the best gravel bikes in Dublin and Dundalk.

ToughRoad SLR 2

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Summing it Up

With that, we conclude our best gravel bikes. We hope you like our collection of the best gravel bikes for sale. Our range extends far beyond what we showcased here. We are home to some of the best gravel bikes in Dublin.

Cycle Centre is an ideal bike shop in Dundalk for finding the best gravel bikes for sale. Do check out our wide range of gravel bikes today!


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