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Cycle Centre Presents Black Friday Bike Sale

Cycle Centre Presents Black Friday Bike Sale

Our Black Friday Bike Sale is live for all customers. Cycling lovers and curious buyers would be delighted by the deals on bikes we are offering. For a limited time period, you can get the best quality bikes at affordable prices. Making a decision to buy that perfect bike can be baffling for the less informed. This article will provide you with the information for your next bike purchase.

What is the Sale about?

Cycle centre is offering great bike deals for Black Friday 2022. It’s the biggest shopping event of the year but it won’t last forever. Enjoy fantastic savings with our best online offers from your favorite cycling brands. Don’t miss this opportunity to treat your family and friends or even yourself. Visit our website to grab amazing deals before stock runs out.

What are we offering?

We offer a variety of bicycles for all ages and sizes. Whatever your use case, we have a suitable bike for you. Black Friday Bike Sale brings you a chance to make your next bike purchase more affordable. The same premium branded bicycles complete with quality and safety checks at lesser prices. Our wide range of bikes means there is something for everyone. From big mountain bikes to affordable city bikes, we have it all. We guarantee no difference or compromise in quality or service no matter what product you buy.

Bikes in Focus

This Black Friday Bike Sale we offer exciting bike deals on some of the best giant, road bikes and e-bikes. From brands like Revolt, Propel, Reign, Defy, etc. these are some of the most sturdy and durable bikes around. They come with equally tough sets of tires from quality brands like Maxxis. There are hybrid mountain-road bikes for those looking for an all-rounder bike. Limited period deals on high caliber bikes combined with a sense of security when you buy from us. Offers like these are hard to come by.

Identifying your needs

Whether you need a gift for your little ones or cycling buddies, we are here to assist you to make an informed decision. Your desire to pamper the cycling lover in you will turn into reality with our help. Our range of products includes : 


  1. Ladies/Women bikes easy-to-ride city bikes and the latest advanced bikes from premium and women-centric brands
  2. Road bikesFor hobbyists and racing enthusiasts.
  3. Mountain bikesFor those who listen to their wild side.
  4. Electric bikesMove on with the times. Make commuting a breeze.
  5. Cross and Gravel bikesAnswer the explorer in you.
  6. City bikes – Roam freely with our lightweight and durable range of bikes.
  7. Kids bikesFor beginners and growing individuals.

A Crucial Decision

It’s the festive season. You bring home a toy to show your affection for your little one. Better yet, get them their first bike. Give them riding lessons and bond with them. Thinking of a thoughtful present for your friends? Gift them a bike they can use daily and feel grateful for towards you. Bring home your dream bike and ride towards a positive change in your lifestyle. 

Making a bike purchase can be time-consuming and stressful. Our experienced staff and informative website can help you make the best decision. Feel free to reach out as we inform you about the best offers and deals for this Black Friday.

What to Consider 

There are a number of things to consider while making your next bike purchase


  • Use case – Identifying the main purpose of your bike is essential. You can then choose from various categories easily.
  • Quality – When you pick Cycle Centre you can rest assured that you are getting a quality bike.
  • Price – A bike that fits your budget and fulfills your needs.
  • Offers – Go through the latest offers and deals so you don’t miss out on savings.
  • Maintenance cost – Different bikes require different maintenance and regular upkeep for smooth running.
  • Warranty – Basic to advanced bikes come with their own kinds of parts and components. Know about warranties before you make any purchase.

Our commitment

At Cycle Centre it is our constant endeavor to provide quality and premium branded bikes for customers from all walks of life. When buying a bike from our store or through our website we guarantee quality control. Our service is indifferent and of the highest standard for everyone. So fret not when you make a discounted purchase this Black Friday. You will feel at ease when you reach out to our professional and experienced staff.

Best shop in the region

Cycle Centre is known for being the ideal destination for cyclists’ needs. Our bike store is located in Dundalk. We are famed for being one of the most reliable bike shops in Dublin and the surrounding areas. We offer a full range of services in most cities and towns in the east coast region of Ireland. Our unmatched repair and after-sales services are well known. A long list of happy customers is a testament to it.


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