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Mountain bikes cover four main categories including Trail, Cross country (XC), All mountain and Enduro, and Downhill. They come in two main formats hard-tail (single front suspension), and soft tail (dual suspension). Read More

The mountain bike is an extremely versatile piece of kit and some people even prefer it hacking around City and Town environment due to the strength and stability of the wheels. A common trend in the MTB sector is an ever-increasing wheel circumference with most MTB’s brands now offering a range of bikes with 27.5 and 29” wheels. The increased wheel circumference facilitates greater ground coverage as well as longer wheelbase, offering unparalleled power and performance on comparison to the traditional 26” wheelset.

We offer a range of modals: Anthem, ATX, Embolden, Bliss, Fathom, Intrigue, Pique, Reign, Reign E, Stance, Talon, Reign E, Trance, Trance E, XTC, Vall E, Romet Mustang, Romet Monsun, EMTB

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